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Dale's Brain Surgery

(written in 2002)
I am 38 years old and recently had brain surgery with the hopes of stopping or reducing the effects of the epilepsy i have had since at least 10 years of age (we didn't know that i had epilepsy until i was 21, it may have started as an infant due to a severe reaction to an immunization).  The surgery was performed by Dr. Gary Mathern at UCLA Hospital on July 18th, 2002.

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Pictures after Surgery :-)

You should know that after this surgery they say no shower / bath until a couple days after your staples are out.  Your staples usually come out 10 to 14 days after surgery.  In my case they left a bunch of blood in my hair after surgery.  Finally one doctor told me i could wash my hair out with hydrogen peroxide.  Wish we had known that when i left the hospital. :-)


Before Surgery

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